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    While googling for AIM software that works for my Treo, I found this:

    "Did you know you can send an SMS text message to a cell phone from AOL Instant Messenger? It's easy. Just start a new message and in the TO field, enter +1 (for the USA country code) followed by the area code and phone number (i.e. +12125555555) and then hit send!"

    It worked on my 755p. Does anyone know if it costs anything more than text messages?


    (just realized that I should've posted this in communications - sorry!)
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    This should just be normal text messaging rates. AIM is free, I think I used it a few times a while back...I don't remember.
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    It counts under your text message plan. I have played around with it some.
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    I'm on sero so this should be free either way for me :P
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    Thanks for your responses.

    I might stick with this for awhile because it will allow me to obtain all of my messages (texts, IMs) in the same application.

    Have you guys experienced any problems or know of any potential problems with this alternative?
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    Is there a way to block text messages from a certain number?
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    Yes, Sprint lets you do that in your online control panel.

    Select My Online Tools > Text Messaging > Settings and Preferences. You will find the option to block messages in the section entitled “For SMS Text Messaging Only.” Enjoy!
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    i have been doing this for a few years now lol. its not new to me at least. you if you text fro your aim name it will show up as a 5 digit number on your cell phone along with the screen name of the person aiming you. its pretty cool. but you cant store that 5 digit number. it does change sometimes. if you text that number lets say a week from now you just might text somebody else's computer lol

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