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    I slowly stop using my phone for almost 2 days cuz im using my blackberry more. Bluetooth is disabled and i've really deleted/eased back on my 'active' hacks on there. I think Lightwav is the only thing im using still.

    I was walking up the stairs in my work and i hear the phone reboot. Did the #*#377 on it and this is what i got

    "Emul68KMain.c, Line:456, line1111 exception at address 7328B7FE"

    What gets me is that this is While running "Phone":

    What the hell is this about.
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    If you have palminternals run the list of notfications (Notif button) and see if anything in the notifications list has an address similar to 7328B7FE..and you might find the culprit.
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    I get a similar error and never have been able to nail it down.
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    This is one I have:

    Application: HotSyncNew-sync 5.4
    Date: 14 Jun 2007 6:32 pm

    Emul68KMain.c, Line:456, line 1111 exception at address 732C69C6
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    Yeah I read this elsewhere.. Wait a sec.. does Doc to go come w/ the 700p? I cant remember but when i reinstalled it found itself there and I dont even use the product..

    Gimme vi and a txt file anyday
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    The article is from 2003 and is for a Tungsten T3...I can't possibly think that it applies here to our Treo's.
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    hi guys! this has been an old thread but this replacement 755p i had has been giving me spontaneous resets with the same error mentioned above.

    emul68kmain.c, line:456, line 1111 exception at address 7327DB06

    anyone else having this problem? i thought it was the ultimate phone app that was causing it but no. i had since erased it and it still reset while using the native Phone app.

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