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    Summary: My Treo 680 cannot receive calls using a SIM on the E-Plus network. It can make calls and send/receive SMS. A friend's Nokia e60 works perfectly with the same SIM! Details below...


    I'm on a 6-month assignment for work in Germany, so roaming on my Cingular account was not an option. I found a GREAT site comparing all the options for prepaid SIMs in Germany (, and based on this chose a super-cheap MVNO prepaid carrier called Sunsim ( Long story short: their domestic rates combined with their per-minute rate to the US (which I will use a lot) seemed unbeatable amongst the prepaid operators.

    Note that I have a Cingular-branded, unlocked Treo 680 running the latest (May 2007) firmware and software. It took me two weeks to get the SIM to even work (e.g. connect to the network) in my Treo 680. This is resolved, but I'll explain that problem/resolution below. **

    So, now my Treo is connected to the network. It reports E-Plus as the network (which is the actual network used by the MVNO), whereas my friend's e60 reports it as Sunsim. Well, I can live with that as long as it works, right?

    Screwed! The phone can make calls, send and receive texts, but NO incoming calls work. The kicker? Incoming calls work when the SIM is in my friend's phone! The 680 does NOT like this SIM one bit! I'm at wit's end. I want a qwerty keyboard for texting while I'm here, so I'm pretty much going to just buy an e60 unless I can get this working in the next day or two.

    Any help?

    ** Evidently SunSim requires that, when entering your PIN to unlock the SIM, you enter a 1 before the PIN in order to specify that you are IN Germany. If you are roaming outside the country, you enter a 2. Customer service told me to try this, which I did numerous times on my 680. What finally did it was putting the SIM in a friend's Nokia e60, entering the PIN with the 1 prefix, and then moving the SIM back to my phone and using the PIN without the 1. It seems that the 680 cannot handle 5 digit PINs properly!
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    Here's a little more detail:

    My phone is Cingular-branded but unlocked (via unlock code).

    The phone reports:
    Firmware: R01.34
    Software: Treo680-1.09-ATT
    CC-Cap: ATT-ATT-001
    Carrier DB: 292
    Hardware: A

    I'm wondering if this is the result of some carrier-specific (read: AT&T) changes made to the firmware. I've seen some posts with RoW Treo 680s running radio firmware 1.50. I cannot decipher the custom ROM thread enough to understand if I'm able to flash the RoW firmware on my Cingular 680 -- anybody?
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    forgive me for not reading through your post - but to answer your question I saw in another thread .....

    One, I have a cingular unlocked phone (that I use with T-mobile in the u.s.)
    Two, I have not applied any of the custom roms (yet) - for your reference
    Three, I have a German Sim from Vodaphone (prepaid) - that I used in germany on the Treo 680 all of last week while I was in Germany - without any problems.

    I think your German carrier and Treo are not playing nice. And it is not an issue of the phone itself.

    Hope that helps you out a bit...


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