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    I turn-off my radio every night. After turning it on everything is fine EXCEPT my first attempt at using Web (Blazer) results in a 20-35 second lag.

    After that, I have no further lag when using Blazer. It seems the power-up of the radio results in the lag the first time I logon to the Web.

    If I am right, one solution would be to not turn-off the phone. However, I wonder if anyone else has this issue or if there is another work-around.

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    Why not just open the browser just after you turn on your phone to get this done first? It takes almost that long to intiate the phone when you turn it on so why wouldn't the browser have to do the same thing? I would not leave my phone on all night for someone to wake me up with a wrong number just for a 30 second lag in opening my browser the first time in a day. That doesn't even seem bad enough to even think about, much less worry about. But that is a good observation as to when we get the lag going to blazer.
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