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    My versamail has suddenly started downloading a lot of messages that are old, even though I have it set to do it for only the last day's worth of mail. I have four accounts and it is doing this for 2 of them. Any ideas how to get it back to doing it the right way? I have tried a soft reset.
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    I noticed a few times that I have opened Versamail and found email on it when I normally have to 'get' my email manually when I want it. It surprised me, but I kind of liked it.
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    Is Auto Sync checked in the preference menu?

    If it's set to 1 hour or more intervals, I get this message:
    "Auto Sync will ignore the 'Get mail from last' setting."
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    I don't have auto sync. It just suddenly started downloading like 90 messages in 2 of my 4 accounts going back weeks, rather than the one day I have it set for.

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