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    I am the new proud owner of a lightly used Treo 650 that I bought from a friend at work for $60. I love that I finally have a way to organize my hectic life.

    I am having one problem though and have searched everywhere to no avail. I am military and most of my briefings and meetings are on my work computer. Is there a way to sync with a computer without using the software that I installed on my home computer. All I would really like to be able to sync with is the calendar. My system administrator said he didnt care as long as I wasnt installing anything onto the system. Possibility to maybe run it from a flash drive? Do I have any options at all? Thanks for the help!
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    Not really, but someone might come up with a solution if your post your operating systems and email systems that you use at work/home.

    For example - if you use outlook in both places, then you can create a PST file to copy from one computer and then open on the other without any additional software.

    Your systam admin probably frowns on flash drives though...

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    Both computers and Windows XP with the office computer running Outlook 2003 and my home computer running Outlook 2007.

    The closest thing I have come to a solution is the Google calendar however I cant seem to be able to update it through Outlook as it says itís a read only folder which makes since. Is there another form of internet calendar that I can use that I can update within outlook and that updates from my treo will go onto the in the internet calendar. Maybe I am chasing the wrong lead but this seems like a pretty close option.
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    use exchange active sync in versamail
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    I am not trying to sync mail though. Just calendars. The only options I can think of right now is using the google calendar at work but I would really like to be able to have a way of doing this that will be invisible to me and that I wouldnt have to send my calendar to my home mail after work.

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