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    My Treo 650 phone says Sprint, but was converted to verizon, it say verizon when the phone is turned on and when I dial 611 I get Verizon customer service. I use to use this phone on Verizon for over a year. Now that I want to reactivate it, the EIN number does not come up and Verizon said I can't have it turned on Does anyone have any Ideas for me to turn it on manually? Thank you so much.
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    Does anyone have any ideas This is terrible because the phone still works perfectly. I made the mistake and bought it in it's prime and paid $400.00 for it! I'd like to get more use out of it.
    I found this info on a website, does anyone know how to do this???

    "the NAM has to be programmed manually by entering a special code to get to the section of the settings menu where the phone number and other required information can be entered. (##000000## - Samsung A900) You may need to ask your new service provider for the MIN number if the phone does not accept automatic over the air programming by dialing *228. "

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