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    With "Disable touchscreen when: On a Call" selected in the Keyguard Prefs, I do not get the visual Call Waiting prompt when on a phone call (although I do hear the audible alert).

    When I uncheck that box AND DO A SOFT RESET, I get both the audible alert AND the visual Call Waiting (Answer or Ignore) prompt.

    Hope that works for others...
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    I don't think thatís it. I've had the disable touch screen set on my 700p since I had it and would always get the screen when I have a second call coming in. I would get the audio and visual, now with the 755 I had the same options selected and was getting both until today. I had two calls that came in and I didn't have the on screen prompt. Before today, I had the on screen prompt with the touch screen disabled. So I think its some sort of bug. Today was the first time its happened to me since I've had the phone, and I always get 2nd calls coming in. I think its time to start a 755-bug list as I'm starting to notice a few little quirks.
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