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    I've been around reading, but this is my first post here. I have a 700p with MR installed via SD on the day it came out, and it fixed my old problems. Now I have some of the shiny new problems some others here are having.

    One was some spontaneous resets. I noticed over the past weekend was that my some of my phones "random" resets were happening when I was about to receive an incoming call while doing something else. Then when the phone turned back on, new voicemail and/or person trying to call me again.

    It's not on every call or when I'm in a particular application, just whenever.

    Does anyone else notice or suspect this problem at all?
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    Thats one of my new issues since the MR update. I've had random resets while messing with the phone, while receiving an incoming text and also with an incoming call.

    I've called numerous times to Sprint and have explained my situation but all thats been offered was a measly $150 towards the purchase of a new phone, while I keep on reading on here people being offered 755 as replacements. Hell, I've even mentioned to the CSR that I'd be happy with another 700 just as long it had the old software pre-MR.

    Who knows what the criteria is on behalf of Sprint on replacing the 700, but I sure as hell don't fit it.
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    That's not a defect. It's a feature! LOL

    Actually, what you describe was a regular problem for me with my 700P... and I'm with Verizon. That means no MR.

    The resets stopped when I changed my EVDO plan down to the limited account. I use data sparingly now and I am thinking of switching to the pay as you go plan. Now, I just keep my laptop around a lot more and find hotspots. The Treo is used for EVDO only when I have no alternative.

    I haven't had a reset in weeks!
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    You may have corrupted ContactDB file when you resynced it back to your phone. Open up the Palm Desktop and go to Contacts. Do a Edit > Select All. Then do a File Export to Vcard. Save it to you desktop or Documents. Once saved. Delete all contacts then do File > Import and look for the file you just saved and hit the Import Button. Make sure all the contacts are back and that next to the numbers you have the correct default primary. Example (M) mobile (W) work etc. If thats correct then youre ready to sync it back to your phone. On the Hotsync setting make sure you change the contact setting so PC overwrites Handheld. Then hotsync your phone.
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    I hate to break your bubble.. but as a VZW user who doesnt have a MR available this was a very common feature on my phone. The weekend before the Mythical release of this MR my phone has next to me and it rebooted 3 times in a few minutes because someone was calling me. When my phone was sitting there it would light up. I'd quickley glance over at it and can see it was a incoming call because the Answer Hangup Buttons were displayed BUT my phone rebooted those 3 times. I lost whoever was trying to reach me that day perhaps a friend but After that I was hoping this MR would fix that one issue I'd have but obviously palm has failed us in that dept.


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