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    Just got one of these and also use a mac. Anyone got any tips for me apart from downloading the Missing Sync?
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    If you don't have your contacts already stored on another treo, I would add them into Address Book first.

    Also, don't even bother installing Palm Desktop. It leave stuff all over the place and if you're, umm, tidy like me, it'll bother the heck out of you. I'm just going to wait until Leopard and buy a new hard drive (I want a larger one, not because of this).

    It just occurred to me that you've probably been using a Mac for a while and have all your contacts in place. If that's the case, nevermind all that other stuff.
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    also, make sure you back up all your PIM and other data before syncing for the first time.
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    Backed up all databases, got Missing Sync 6.0 and all has gone well. It's a joy to be using Palm again. Like the 2Day 'Today' screen as well.

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