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    I just saw this on MacNN.

    This is what is new: Supports Palm OS 4.0, fixes a problem in Instant Palm Desktop, and this hot little tidbit HotSync Manager supports installing files to an expansion card (e.g. SD, MultiMedia Card).

    Could this mean that we might soon have the ability to install files directly to our CF or SmartMedia cards? I assume that Kopsis and MemPlug would have to update their drivers to support this, but having Hotsync support sounds very promising.

    Also, someone posted on MacNN that the fix to Instant Palm Desktop related to a bug in Instant Palm Desktop that was causing some programs that added items to the standard "Help" menu to become unstable. Can anyone confirm this? I would really like to know because I have had some stability problems after updating my OS to 9.0.4 and updating Palm Desktop to 2.6.2. If Instant Palm Desktop was the main cause of these crashes then I'll update it ASAP.

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    I tried this update, but I wasn't able to hotsync using a USB cradle on my iMac. I would hear my iMac drive moving, but then my Prism would say it lost the connection. I'm back to the version on the Handspring site (2.6.1?).


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