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    OK, this post-MR bugfest just gets better, and better. I was on a conference call using a wired headset (the one that came with the phone). I received a call and heard the stupid touchtone sound and then the audio volume of the current call went to nearly 0 (i.e. it become much softer). I "ignored" the incoming call and continued to listen to my conference call (albeit much harder to hear now). During that same conference call I received an SMS message. Suddenly, the call audio volume jumped back to full strength.

    Has anyone else noticed a post-MR audio problem (e.g. audio volume reduction) like this when you receive a call DURING another call?
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    <sigh> On my phone, I have confirmed this is easily repeatable. I place a call to our automated operator (like voice response). The volume with speaker phone is nice and loud. I mute the microphone on the T700p (so ambient noise will not interfere). I use my office phone to call my cell phone. The stupid touchtone sound is heard, the audio volume is reduced, then the popup appears telling me I have an incoming call.

    I played around with it and discovered if I "ignore" the incoming call from my office phone and hang up the office phone and then place a second call to my cell phone, the volume does not change. If I actually answer the second call and swap back and forth, the volume does seem to be restored, but I did not really try to pay attention to what I was doing.

    Does your post-MR phone reduce the audio volume when you receive a second call during a call?
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    <sigh> <whimper>

    OK, I believe I understand what may be happening. If I use the headset or the speaker phone and receive another call DURING a call, the volume seems to be reset to the volume for "normal non-speakerphone non-headset" calls. That is, if you simply pick up the phone and hold it to your ear, the audio volume is less than if you use the speakerphone.

    I also discovered after the volume is reduced due to an incoming call, I can cancel the speaker phone and then reactivate it and the volume is restored to the correct speakerphone level.
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    I wish there is some app that tell you the input and output voltage the speaker / mic is receiving/outputting
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    Anyone else experience this audio volume problem?
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    I can you tell you, the issue you are experiencing is not a post-MR issue. Unfortunately, I had the same issue before the MR update.

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    Hmm. I had not experienced the problem before the MR. I would receive the audio alert there was an incoming call or SMS, but the current call volume stayed the same.

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