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    So the wierd stuff with my 650 (Cingular) started happening yesterday. I dropped it about a week ago, but hadn't noticed any problems until yesterday.

    The battery started to overheat, so I took it out, let it cool down, and put it back in. Everything OK.

    Today, the radio keeps turning off every 10 minutes or so, for no apparent reason. I then have to turn it on again manually. Obviously, a cell phone that isn't on kind of defeats the purpose. I've run Butler and Phone Technician for years with no problems, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...pbryon
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    The SIM connectors could've been jarred in the fall...
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    I was listening to some songs on my Treo 650 while walking the track today and noticed it was skipping. This was the first time it had done anything like that. I had to consider it was the HEAT outside causing the T 650 to act differently. I hope your problem isn't heat problem also, but like Christinac130 said "sim connectors could've been jarred".

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