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    Does the 755p reset alot/do you have to reset it alot?
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    Resets occur involuntarily due to fatal error with applications or voluntary resets by user. You can reset your device to refresh things frequently but you shouldn't have to do it alot. I don't own a 755p but from the reviews on T/C it doesn't reset alot and a 755p resetting alot is a balance between compatiblility between applications vs. user error vs. POS. IMO. All in all...get a 755p you will be fine as long as you don't install loads of apps without descretion.
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    I have a 755p and it resets alot less frequently than the 700p or 650. It usually happens once a morning after backupman does its thing and is set to clear the cache and then I reply or forward a message in Chatter. Ironically, it didn't happen today though.
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    On my 755, I have had only 3 or 4 reset in two weeks. Each after installing a new app. I occasionally purposely do a reset with mReset when I feel things are a little sluggish. Each time I do a manual reset everything perks back up. I have around 35 apps installed besides what came in ROM.
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    I have had the 755 for 1 month tomorrow and it has NEVER reset itself. It froze up twice when using Backup Buddy (now deleted) and I reset to start it again. I use NV Backup now.
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    Mine has reset only when trying to use Opera. So it's no longer installed, nor is the IBM Java VM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikechicken View Post
    Does the 755p reset alot/do you have to reset it alot?
    Mine seems to reset less often than my 650, but when it does, I believe it's due to third-party software.

    Before I started loading extra stuff onto it (which didn't take too long, actually), I didn't have any reset woes.

    Then there are the occasional DUN/PAM-required resets.

    Again, this is why an external or externally-accessible reset button would've been really useful. Taking my phone out of the case, taking the battery door off, removing the battery, replacing the battery, replacing the door, and putting the phone back in the case... is a lotta unnecessary fuss.

    Those who don't use the kind of cases I use may disagree, but it can be a pain - especially when the battery fits so snugly that you quickly find there are fingernail imprints on the side of it from having to pry it out over and over, again.
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    I've had the 755p for just under two week and the only time it reset was when using Opera Mini and once with Chatter. I'm quite happy with it!

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    I have had mine for almost a month now and I have had no resets or problems with my phone. I am new to the Palm OS and so far I really do like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    Mine has reset only when trying to use Opera. So it's no longer installed, nor is the IBM Java VM.
    Same here. It has only done resets which were a total of 3 when I tried installing opera mini. I even followed the instruction by changing the settings and I still get booted out. Oh well..
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    Almost a full month now and I've only had 2 resets.
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    2 weeks and not a reset. If this was the 700P it would have been daily at LEAST once.
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    I got my 755p for less than a week and it resets once or twice a day! I have only 3 3rd party application installed on it. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    What's going on? Should I return it for a replacement?
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    me too. at least a reset every two days. i've only installed mundu and minitones. i think it's the mundu....

    only had the sucker for 1 week!
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    Mine only reset when I installed with Operamini. Now even that is stable.
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    Im running kinoma on mine, pocket tunes, rescoe explorer and file z

    Not a reset at all.

    It would be interesting to see if you who are having resets are using bluetooth?

    If so try deleting your bluetooth headsets and shutting off bluetooth and see how it works.
    I did that with the 700P and it would work pretty good.

    The first two weeks I have had the 755P I didnt even turn bluetooth on. I just wanted to see how stable it is without using it. I didnt have one single reset.

    yesterday I turned on bluetooth and I am using my HBH-610a from sony.
    Couldnt get the H700 to connect, it would pair but never connect.

    We shall see what happens
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    2 resets since owning it a month...1 WAS MY FAULT I loaded software that wasnt compatiable
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    Seems like a lot of people are having problems with that software causing resets.
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    Mine resets approximately never.

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