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    Looks like Chapura has a workaround/fix with KeySuite 3.6.

    "KeySuite Now Supports All Palm OS Messaging, Email and Phone Applications - KeySuite now gives you the option to synchronize your Outlook Contacts with both KeyContacts and the built-in Contacts application. This provides full integration and compatibly with all messaging, email, and phone applications.

    After installing KeySuite 3.6, it seems to work pretty well. Things I've observed:

    1. You enable this feature by clicking on the HotSync Manager | Custom | KeyContacts | and checking “Synchronize Built-In Application."

    2. The Handheld Contacts (HC) gets replicated and sync'd with KeyContacts on Treo 680, as well as Outlook. It doesn't seem to do anything on the Palm Desktop
    3. Therefore, DO NOT check "Redirect Phone Number Look Up". In fact, if it is checked, ringtones won't work.
    4. Obviously, ringtones will have to be managed from the HC
    5. Set KeyLaunch to use KeyContacts
    6. I have the following checked:
    Detailed Phone LIst
    Enable Tap-Dialing
    Enable Smart Look up
    7. Also, if you have multiple contacts with the same phone number, the ringtone for the 1st match will be what you hear. For example, Greg is my friend, but his brother Al lives with him. When I get a call from Greg on his home number (the same as Al's), I see Al's record, not Greg's. What I did was decide, which contact I wanted the home number associated with. In this case, delete the home number from Al's record.
    8. If you have prior favorites that came from a Treo 650, you'll have to do a lookup to the appropriate HC entry again, or it won't associate the ringtone.
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    does keycontact sync with the IM fields of outlook/built-in palm contacts?
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    Do you know or know who to ask:
    Is there any freeware/software available out there for a treo 680/650 that allows mp3/songs to be created to use as ring-tones? I am looking to buy a treo 680 or blackjack and I am trying to sort through the pros and cons of each. I really like the Treo 680, but I've been told I can't create ringtones and that if I don't buy the data pkg that it won't work as well.
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    A data package should not have any effect on the usefullness of the 680 and you can use a program called MiniTones to create ringtones from MP3's. Once created you'll find them listed in the built in ringtone manager ........... no third party app required.

    Oh yeah .............. minitones is FREE!

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