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    Hi All,

    I emailed ecare the other day and told them about my "hell week" with Sprint last week and they got back to me today. Ecare asked for my information such as phone number, email, and address and i gave it to him. He responded back to me saying he noticed that my phone is under the "manufacturers warranty" and for me to contact Palm and have it replaced. Is that right for him to send me to Palm? I will have had my phone for 1 year coming up in July. I heard that there is a SPrint 1 year warranty as well, what is that about? And what do i talk to Palm about in regards to them swapping my 2nd replaced, flawed 700p to a 755?

    A little background about my "hell week." Spoke with at least 20+ different reps from diff departments (customer service, retentions, treo special tech.) Was told by them to drive all around town to my local sprint stores to be told that there is nothing they can do with my phone even though it resets alot. I told them to read my notes and one place which was a noncorp store said they are not authorized to pull my notes and the other corp store didnt do squat. I told them to check my notes because a rep from treo special help noted in my file to swap my 700 to a 755. Called retents on sunday to find out that the rep didnt write anything in my notes when i clearly confirmed with her if she did write that info in my notes and she said "yes." So i emailed ecare on sunday and wrote them a long letter and getting the response to contact palm and have them replace my phone.

    thanks (dont see the thank button)
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    Quit posting the same complaint in new threads. You are starting to get annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    Quit posting the same complaint in new threads. You are starting to get annoying.
    You know that you dont have to take the time and open up the thread and take up 10-15 seconds of your life to read my posts, you do know that right? im not posting the same things, i just asked something new and giving a little background on it so that people will have an idea of whats going on.
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