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    Got my 755 friday. Charge it full over night. Saturday after 4 hours, 15 mins of voice calls & 10 mins on Power Vision, battery meter dropped to 30%. I read that battery must cycle a few times for it to reach best performance.

    Today: full charge, 90 mins of voice calls, 15 min of data & 3 hours gone by, battery meter drops to 33%.

    I figure, "Let me drain it all the way." Then @ 19% I get an important call. So I plug in. Call lasts only about 5 min. Battery meter jumped to 83% plugged in.

    What gives?

    Info for you guys that gotta have it: Beam Receive - Off
    Bluetooth - On (Hidden=Not
    Display off @ 15 seconds
    Versamail polls every 2 hours
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    Got a nasty Versamail surprize today. Did manual check mail and came back 30 min later and the phone was stillon. the sceen telling me I had not downloaded the 100's of old mail was on and witing for conformation. phone couldn't turn off or disconnect til I oked it.

    Yours checks every 2 hours maybe same not turning off issue.
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    My battery was dying just as fast as yours. After about 2 weeks the battery life has improved, but I'm not so sure if it's due to "breaking it in" or disabling power vision whenever I'm not using. Frequently I found the vision arrows active even though my phone was sitting idle...simply draining the battery for no reason.
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    Do you have to manually go into the Pref & then to network to disconnect Power Vision or is there a simpler way

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