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    Can someone compare and contrast the Slingbox AV vrs. the Slingbox Pro for my 755p? What are the differences and which one should, in your opinion, should I get. Pro is a lot more expensive, but if it is worth it, I would bite.

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    I have the Pro that I use with my 700p. I have not tried the AV but I did connect to it via S-Video and component. Watching on the Treo and any of my laptops I could not see a difference on image quality. The laptops only connect via wireless, maybe via a wire is noticeable but did not try.

    The main difference IMHO is the number of devices you can connect to and control. Since you are not considering the tuner, I'll assume you don't need one. If you only connect to one video source, get the AV.
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    Today (Monday) showed the pro on sale for $150 shipped. Beats the last price I thought was really good.
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    I ordered the Pro from for $148... (159 less 7% coupon that I received in the mail) I don't need the Pro necessarily, but at that price, why not?
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    This reply may be a bit late, since the question was asked 3 weeks ago, but the SlingBox you get is more dependent on your home equipment than your phone.

    If you ONLY have a basic coax cable line, the SlingBox Tuner is the one to get, since it only supports a single coaxial connection.

    If you ONLY have a TiVo, for example, the SlingBox AV would be the way to go, since it only supports a single composite/S-video connection.

    If, like me, you have a TiVo, Digital Cable, AND an HDTV, then the SlingBox Pro is the one you'd want, because it has all those inputs/outputs built into the one box.

    There are a lot of rumors going around, lately, that the Pro is going to be updated in some way. I ordered mine when they had a special promotion (which they claimed was celebrating a deal with the NHL) for the Pro with the HD Connect Cable included for $179. (Unfortunately, they forgot to send the HD cable in the box, and I've been going crazy with their online store customer service to get it sent to me.) The two parts together normally sold for $279, I believe. Now if is also selling the Pro so cheaply (albeit without the HD cable), then there's a good chance that SlingMedia is trying to clear out their inventory to make room for a new version.
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    Picked up the Pro on the deal as well. One of the nice things about being able to have more than just the tuner is if anyone is home using the tivo at the time, I can select another device rather than disrupt their use.

    Being able to access the HD cable box as well. I don't use the HD cable, but the picture is still transmitted out the standard video outs as well and provides the best picture. And since I can control the cable box, I can easily purchase a Movie on Demand as well...gotta love it.

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