Now that school's over, my summer project is to get my treo working correctly. I have the missing sync program and I'm having problems synchronizing.

Here's my sync history.
Sync starting at 6/12/07 1:54 PM (13:54:17) on USB (5.1.2)
Missing Sync detected a conduit conflict for the database. One or more of the following conduits conflict. Select which conduit(s) you wish to sync with and disable the other conduits by either unchecking the box next to the conduit in the conduit view or by moving the conduit to the Disabled Conduits folder (select the conduit and hit command + delete). For more information on Conduit Conflicts, please see:
Mark/Space Memo Pad (Mark/Space MemoPad)
Palm Desktop (Memo Pad)
Palm Desktop (Memos)

OK Install
TimeCopy: host 2007/06/12 13:54:20, palm 2007/06/12 13:58:35, diff: -255s
OK TimeCopy
No folders have been selected to synchronize.
OK Mark/Space Folder Sync
OK Mark/Space Photos
No playlists selected to synchronize
OK Mark/Space Conduit for iTunes
Invalid login. Please check your username and password and try again.
OK Mark/Space Conduit for AvantGo with 1 message(s)
Failed To Do List (0x400a)
Calendar did nothing
Contacts did nothing
Failed Date Book (0x400a)
Failed Media (0x400a)
Tasks did nothing
Failed Address Book (0x400a)
OK Install
Backed up AddressingLibRecent-HsCi
Backed up AddressingLibRecent-HsCh
Backed up Blazer Bookmarks
Backed up EAContentDB
Backed up ContactsDB-PAdd
Backed up CalendarDB-PDat
Backed up MemosDB-PMem
Backed up Queries
Backed up CSRecordOutSyncInboxDB
Backed up CSRecordOutEAContentDB
Backed up AddressDB
Backed up DatebookDB
Backed up ToDoDB
Backed up MMIDCache1
Backed up MultiMail Messages
Backed up MultiMail Disconnected
Backed up MultiMail Attachments
Backed up midataidcache
Backed up Messages Database
Backed up Blazer URL Autofill
Backed up Blazer Field Autofill
Backed up PhoneCallDB
Backed up Blazer Cookies
Backed up PhoneFavorites2DB
Backed up psysLaunchDB
Backed up PmTraceDatabase
Backed up Saved Preferences
OK Backup
Sync completed successfully at 6/12/07 1:55 PM (13:55:35)

Also, I have IPhoto 4.0.3. Will this be an issue as far as transfering photos to my Treo?