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    I am looking for an app that will allow me to edit the file associations, so that whenever Sied takes over .php I can put it back to Blazer. I don't want to be able to do anything more, or anything less (i.e. I know Rescoe Explorer and ZLauncher have such capability, but I don't want to pay for all their functionality when I have one need).

    I would even be happy for someone to tell me the file name where I can use FileZ to make hex edits.
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    I'm curious, what happens, you click a .php link and it wants to download it into SiEd? Otherwise, Blazer doesn't know what to do with php, php is entirely server-side executed to output HTML.
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    Just to address file associations, VFS Exchange might help, though I'm not sure it does exactly what you want.

    khaytsus question is a valid one, because I don't understand how you'd do what you want without a webserver.
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    If the .php extension is associated with Sied, Blazer tries to download, similar to what happens if the URL ends in .prc or .doc or .zip
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    I installed the VFS Exchange, I thought it allowed you to directly edit the current association.

    Instead VFS Exchange allows you set association by "import" process from your SD card, which in turn would change the existing setting.
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    The "import" is working, but the setting is not being changed.

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