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    I read the release of SplashMoney, and am usually always eager to try another solution. I love finding new forms of software that exceeds my current arsenal.

    So I read the SplashMoney article and immediately tried to compare it to my version of UltraSoft.

    1) It doesn't download FROM Money, or "sync" to make sure records are on both sides.

    2) It doesn't carry over bills in the near future.

    BUT... UltraSoft is a bit more expensive.
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    Yes, I like the sync better too. I sent UltraSoft the following e-mail:
    Just checked out SplashMoney and liked some things that I hope you include in the
    next upgrade: the ability to see if a transactions cleared on the register screen, the
    ability to edit payees, the ability to have category AND class, and I really like the
    report function.
    BTW did any get a e-mail about the last upgrade?
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    I am having troubles even downloading the 2.21 upgrade. I keep getting pomo22.exe or something of the like.

    Are you sure you can't edit payees? I have to go home to play with it more but that would be something I wouldn't have missed in buying it.
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    Y'know, I've just tried out SplashMoney, and I like it a lot. It's got a lot more power than I want, but I've been able to easily configure it to do just the things I'm looking for.

    At this point, I'm thinking of paying for it; but I'd be interested in what experienced UltraSoft/PocketMoney users have to say about it.
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    I really like SplashMOney..More than I do Utrasoft Money.... The only reason why I wouldn't but SplashMOney right now is the fact that it has no support for currencies. I have accounts in multiple currencies that I need to keep track of. Also, SplashMoney does not sync directly with MS Money -- Ultrasoft Money does. The price is right though.
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    I did get a reply from Ultrasoft saying an update due in July would include some of the items I said liked about Splashdata.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.

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