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    Hi everyone, I'm using a Treo 650 with the WiFi Enfora Wireless Adapter, I've been able to work correctly with it, I've used VersaMail, VeriChat and Blazer, I moved to Europe where my Telcel SIM Card from Mexico stopped working because I had a "No Service" message, the rest of the applications worked fine except Blazer where it said "Turning On the phone" and an error message after that, then I tested with a Cingular SIM and nothing, returned to Telcel SIM and nothing, now I can't use anything, I can associate AP/IP, Connect to the desired Network but I've got the following info:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Access Point: Belkin54g
    DNS Servers: /
    Router IP:
    Channel: 11

    I know I'm not getting correct DNS and Subnet Mask addresses so I checked this:

    Preferences> Network:
    Service: Enfora802Net
    Connection: Wi-fi Adapter
    Fallback: -None-
    Idel Timeout: Never
    IP Address: Automatic
    Query DNS: (With a checkmark)

    And I think this is what has changed, hope someone can compare and let me know if I need to check something

    Log In Script:

    Send CR:
    Send: ATD
    Send CR:

    THANKS, I really need to use my Enfora because paying for Internet here in London is soooo expensive, have a great week!
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    Does anybody can help me with this ?

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