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    Today I noticed that incoming calls from people in my contact list are showing as "unknown caller." Anyone else seeing this on their 755?

    For one caller I even have a picture assigned to the contact in Agendus, and the picture appears alongside their number on an incoming call, but not the contact name.
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    I have a quick question but haven't seen a thread that fit yet. So I'll start here. When a call ends about 50% of the time the screen defaults back to dial pad. The other times it automatically goes back to the contacts list. Not a huge deal but very annoying to me. Why not one or the other at all times? I'm not sure if it's a glitch and I should exchange the phone or not. I had a 650 before and everytime a call ended it went back to the dial pad screen. I've done soft and hard resets, no luck. Thanks
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    I am having the same problem, even people I have in Dial By Photo are showing up unknow caller... and showing up in the DBP call log the same way. I just noticed it yesterday and have not tried disabling DBP to see if that is the culpret... will re-post after i have tested...

    Is anyone else having the same problem?
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    Not sure what resolved it for me - probably a soft reset - but the day after I started this thread Caller ID started working again.
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    For me the problem was ringo pro... i uninstalled, downloaded and update and all is back to normal... had nothing to do with Dial By Photo (WHEWWWW!!!)

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