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    OK, for the sake of discussion, let's suppose I have finally given up on Palm...

    I own a Treo 700pos. I thought this would be a reliable upgrade to my Treo 600. However, I have been rather disappointed.

    Is there an alternative out there? It would seem the choices are:
    Palm, Windows, BlackBerry

    If I rule out Palm, that leaves BlackBerry and Windows. I do not think my employer supports BlackBerry, so that leave Windows. Gack!

    Is (or will be) the iPhone a viable alternative?

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    If you employer uses pop3 email, then the blackberry is a great alternative.
    I was hoping to upgrade my 650 in the fall to a new treo, but I am tempted by the blackberry. I don't use data much, but I want a phone that does everything well.
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    For me, one thing is pretty set in stone...I'll be hard pressed to buy another Garnet based phone. My 700p, in a general sense, hasn't been too bad a device with exception to BT, but POS feels like Win 98 in a Vista world...outdated and, well, quaint.

    That leaves BB, Symbian (sp) and WM. I can't get a Nokia N95 on Sprint, and I really am hesitant about BB(due to never having tried if out for too long). So I guess that leaves only the 6800 or an 800w.

    Unless, Palm can get the linux Treo out the door...
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    I've already made the decision to abandon the Palm OS - not because of the OS but rather Palm, Inc.

    I do not believe Palm will ever update Palm OS, we are at the end of the road for this OS as we know it. I like the idea of a Linux/Palm OS but not from Palm, Inc. BB is not a real choice for my line of work so I am looking to WM.

    I will try the upcoming Sprint PPC-6800 with WM6 and EVDO Rev. A due in a few weeks/months. Has built-in WI-FI radio which has become an important feature for me lately; also some additional features like BT 2.0 with voice command through BT and stereo BT support, among others.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    You would think palm would have issued an update to their software to be compatible across the board with vista, but palm seems to continue to do things when they want and to h*ll with everyone else.

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