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    Just upgraded my 700P to 755P. Can't seem to get my business Connect software working right. Any ideas on how to get corporate email push to my 755?

    Thanks in advance

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    I ended up having to cancel Sprint Business Connect - it is not officially supported by Sprint for the 755p, and they refuse to help you troubleshoot anything. Sorry Joe!
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    Same problem here. The 755 does not support Busineess Connect.

    I installed my version from my 700p, and it is buggy :
    1. NO 5 way nav support in email
    2. No push
    3. No alert notification
    4. Error message every time you open saying the device is not supported
    5. Will not sync when battery is below 20%
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    So now the question is what software to move too?
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    Update: Sprint says they have no plans for Business Connect to support the 755. I managed to negotiate a $50 credit against my account to cover my costs for having to find another software solution for email.
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    I just unceremoniously found out the same thing - I upgraded my buggy post-MR 700p to a 755p and found that Business Connect isn't pushing e-mail, and that it gives me the "unsupported" error as well.

    Any suggestions for client-side push e-mail from my Outlook Exchange desktop to my 755p? I can't go through the IT department / server - I'm at a small law firm and they won't support on the back end.


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    Update - still looking for alternative software.

    mNotes will NOT work with your setup unless your IP is public and IT has port 608 open. In my case, both of the above are disabled. SOL.

    Need some suggestions from other users who have a successful solution for getting Notes email on the 755.
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    More research done, and no solution yet.......

    Seven will have a Palm Client later this year that is supposed to work with the 755p. However, nothing is available now or in the near future.
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    Seven - the company whose technology drives Sprint's Business Connect, has this to say:

    I am hopeful there will be a Palm client for the 755p soon.
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    From the Seven forum:

    " I can confirm that:

    1) The Treo 755p will be supported by Business Connection soon. No firm date yet.

    2) There will be a Palm client for System SEVEN 7.0 eventually. No estimate yet.



    Paul Brown
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    SEVEN Networks, Inc."
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    Anyone else have an "interim" solution while we await progress from the Seven front?
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    Guys - hate to bust your bubble (even the Seven guy), but my company has 400+ phones on Sprint. Probably 75 Treo's.

    We were using BizConn for a long time. They are no longer supporting or enhancing it. There recommended solution is now Good software which was recently acquired by Motorola. They provide corporate email access to Lotus Notes/Domino as well as Outlook/Exchange.

    Web site:

    Seven provides the underlying software but it is rebranded and customized to work with Sprint. Unfortunately for you, I don't think it matters if Seven makes a client compatible with the 755p - if Sprint doesn't make it work with their network, you're screwed.

    Good luck.

    We switched over to Good and it's so much better than BizConn in every way.
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    1st-Good requires your IT department to have a server-side component, much like a Blackberry Enterprise Server. Without this infrastructure in place, having the Good software does you no good . Although there was an "enterprise" version of BizCon that worked in a similar manner, most customers used the personal version of the product which was driven run on end-user's own workstation and relied upon the ability to use that user's own mail client to access the messaging server.

    2nd-Other than Sprint's branding, there is nothing about BizCon that made it work any differently on Sprint's network. Everything about BizCon was reliant on Seven's own back-end servers. If you logged into the web-based front-end you were simply logging into Seven's own servers (and a logon page customized for Sprint). As a beta tester for Seven and having used the Seven-branded software w/ various Sprint Treos since October of 2003 I can say this with a great amount of certainty. Once Seven updates their software to work with the 755 it will indeed work on the Sprint network just fine.

    Gregg Ginsberg
    Principal Certified Lotus Professional
    BES Admin
    Good Admin
    Seven Beta Tester
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    Gregg, as a "Principal Certified Lotus Professional", are there any other solutions for Notes users that DON'T require a server-side component?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjennings View Post
    Gregg, as a "Principal Certified Lotus Professional", are there any other solutions for Notes users that DON'T require a server-side component?
    Not that one needs to be a CLP to search the web (you can do it too ), You might want to check out Visto's Personal Edition or Commontime's mNotes (which does a great job sync'ing, but setup is difficult and somewhat non-intuitive). Visto works very much like Seven's product (where a client on your machine talks to their back-end for delivery to your device). mNotes needs no back-end and therefore require a lot of firewall work to make it work for what you want.

    As a Treo owner and a CLP), I have used both extensively. Although mNotes far and away provides the best syncrhonization of your Lotus Notes data, it is not something I would recommend to the layman who just wants push email.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    Thanks Greg. I have previously tried mNotes, and my corporate firewall is not "open" enough to allow the mobile synchronization. I am looking into the Visto solution now.
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    ok. Went thru th setup process for Visto, and looks like it is only compatible with Nextel Iden Java phones....... Still no dice.....
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    Not for nothing, but my company uses Notes, which I HATE with a passion. So here's what I do -- I installed MS's outlook connector to domino (a free outlook plugin from Microsoft) and leave my pc on all day. Yes, yes, it has to be on ,but I set up a rule to move all emails to another folder. In this case, I have a fastmail account, and move all of the email to a fastmail folder that I named, 'work email' -- and voila! It gets pushed to my phone (to Chatter -- the best darn email app ever), and if I ever want to use my pc, it's still in outlook, in the fastmail .pst file. Easy as pie.
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