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    I just got the 755p as a replacement to the 700p today. I use to get 4-5 resets a week with the 700p. I have had the new phone for 5 hours and only loaded my slingbox player and data from the palm backup beta. Already the phone has reset on me 6 times. Anyone else have this problem, or just me? Thanks for any info.

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    I think most have said there's is stable. I installed all my apps fresh and did not do a restore froma backup program. I would say that you restored something that is not compatible with the 755. I have had mine about 3 weeks and have had maybe 3 resets. Each after installing new apps. It has frozen a few times, but resets are for the most part gone, knock on wood.
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    I agree it has to be something that was corrupt on your 700p that has caused the problem to carry over to the 755p. I can tell you it probably isn't the Slingbox player because I have that working fine on my 755...
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    755p for over 3 weeks with SlingPlayer and other stuff installed... only 1 reset to date...

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