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    All I can say is wow. The MR made this thing fly, adding Uncache has made it a rocket. I tried Uncache pre MR, and VM would not work. But after the MR, and all the speed it added, Uncache just makes it incredible.
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    It is choice to hear positive feed back post MR update. I also have experienced the joy of having an almost new like device. I don't want to give up my 700 now. I want to keep it until a real new innovative Palm Treo is released and even then I will let the suckers Beta test it for me if my 700 still does the job. I migrated from a 600 to the 700 so may be I will wait until 900 or more before I upgrade.
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    I am also going to wait till the 900 or whatever it's called. I am perfectly happy with what I've got.
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    The 700 seems like a good phone after the MR update...definitely a keeper.
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    Same here. Uncache with the MR has been great. No lag, no crashes, and it's much faster than before the MR. I'm waiting until whatever Palm device comes out with EVDO Rev A before upgrading. The way my 700p is performing, it's going to be much easier to wait than before the MR.
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    If you have your treo set to "clear cache on exit" does this perform the same function as Uncache?

    I've searched PalmGear and Handango and can't find Uncache.
    Can anyone provide a link to where it can be downloaded?
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    Never use it but here's an explanation of uncache.

    From PalmPowerups:
    UnCache is a utility that will let you directly determine what applications get Launch code 5.
    "What is Launch Code 5?" you might ask. It is a launch code that is sent to ALL applications when palm is resetting. "ALL?!?!?" you might ask, "Isn't that too much?" Well...yes, so PalmPowerups fixed it. Pretty much when your palm resets every application is separately launched and told that palm is resetting. Most applications do not much care about this, and do nothing with this, but they still have to be loaded, called, and unloaded, this takes time, and on NVFS device this fragments the DbCache as well.

    UnCache solves all these problems by letting you select what gets run at reset. In general Alarm, Backup, and hack-like applications need this, or they will not activate automatically.

    This application can also siginifantly reduce your boot times, and speed up the system in general. So what are you waiting for, go FREE your cache!
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    Here's a link to purchase it.
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    And, here is some recent discussion:
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    Tks to all for the explanations and the links.
    Good Luck
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