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    Love and I mean love this treo 755 home one bar on signal and have dropped calls and such. There is a plug in for an external antenna but what connection adapter works on it? Would it be the same as the 700p? Or since it is like the 750 style, its connections? Or are all the palms alike to plug in a external antenna? I have an old external antenna and if I could get the right connection then maybe if I could get just one more bar I would be in business. Does anybody know? If this antenna does not work I do not know what to do. Who wants to spent 300 plus on an amphilizer or external outside antenna that is still 299? Any suggestions? I have one bar and jut need a little extra bar on my signal indicator.

    Anybody know where I can get this connection?
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    Users on the forum have reported better signal strength with the 755p. In my honest opinion I think having an antenna is better on a CDMA network. For the longest when I was with verizon, it was a requirement to pull your antenna out on my Motorala phones on their network and when I didn't pull out my antenna my signal dropped all the time, but that also relates to analog situations too and Sprints network is an all digital network so that wouldn't apply unless in roaming. I honestly don't know anything about the external antenna adapter. Since you got a new 755P, you should have the latest PRL update as far as roaming goes. Check the PRL under info...should be 20227 or 20226 at least. I roam in my house 25% of the time and don't drop calls as much and I have always kept it up to date.
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    If you have a good signal outside then you can get a "Wireless Extender" from Frys (easy to retrun if it doesn't work for you). That way you won't have to be tethered to the antenna.
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