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    Anyone having any problems with their NXZEN 5000 after the MR. I Stopped using my 5000 due to drop calls and reset. Would like to know if the MR fixed this.

    Thank you
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    Hey there. I am having constant restarts when my Sprint signal is low when using the Nxzen 5000 headset. I have tried several headsets and find that the clarity and earpiece volume are far more superior than any. To me, it's worth the pricetag. However, I think the problem is with the Palm 700p software. I was one of the lucky ones that have the MR and it installed correctly, as far as I can tell, anyway.

    My restarts continue and the freezing. It's like a call will come in and then the phone will just lock up and restart. This is very frustrating. I went from a 650 to the 700 to get the bluetooth 2.0. What makes me so angry is that people with these 40 dollar phones and 30 dollar earpieces have better luck with their bluetooth than. 70 bucks or 700 bucks. Which would you expect to work?

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