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    I have waited up to 4-5 hours before quitting the format. This card has worked in the past so I don't think the card is broken. How long is long enough before throwing out the card?
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    That is way too long. I would try again. Have you tried to format the card on both the phone and pc?
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    only on the phone?
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    I tried formatting my Transcend 8GB (SDHC) card and it took forever. So I ejected the card and did the format on the PC (using Card Export II).

    It might be failing becuase the Treo 700p uses a 32-bit integer for size and that means it has problems with cards > 4GB.

    Try it on the PC with a SDHC card reader and it should be fine.
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    Formatting a 2gb card would not have issues with regards to the PalmOS's use of 32bit integers for storing the size.

    I'd format it in a PC.

    My new Transcend 2GB microSD in an SD adapter only took about 30 seconds to format (I think, I didn't pay attention, but it wasn't more than a few minutes).
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    I format my 2GB cards on the Treo and only takes a few seconds - not even ten seconds - to complete.

    You might want to do a Soft Reset and then try again.
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    my 2gb took about 7 seconds and my 4gb took about 10-12.

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