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    Can someone point me toward either a setting or a utility to automatically disconnect from the Vision network when exiting a network app (Blazer, OnDemand, Quickipedia, etc)? I don't use any push email or any POP email for that matter so staying connected is just a battery suck with no benefit. Going into the Prefs->Network screen each time to disconnect is frankly a pain.

    If this is something easy and obvious, I apologize... I'm a long time Palm user (PPP, III, V, Vx, 505, TT, z71, T3, TX) just a first time Treo owner at this point and don't know all the "network gotchas" that come with it.

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    I use an application called 'reset netlib' which essentially does what you're looking for. I have it mapped to a favorite in the phone app, with a shortcut key, for quick access.

    Here's the author's website:

    Here's a discussion thread for more info:
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    I'm using Snappermail, which has an option to automatically disconnect after retrieving mail. After exiting Blazer, or another network app, I just check my email, and Snappermail then disconnects the network connection. I believe Versamail offers a similar option. Even if you don't regularly fetch email, it's simple enough to set up your email app to log on, log off, then disconnect.

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