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    Is there or does anyone know of a good Goal planning and Tracking software?

    I want to first list my Personal Vision , Mission, Values and Principles I have written for myself. An affirmation for me to read daily. I want a program that I can plug this in and read each day, simple.

    Then I need to be able write down all my Goals to help achieved my Vision, Mission The Goals I have are broken into seven Areas of Life: (Career, Family, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Financial)

    So I could then Write down my Goals by area and create smaller goals to help accomplish the larger goals and thus track them.

    example: I want to make a List of important major Goals by area, then set small monthly goals to help accomplish the main goal and track the daily progress.

    Simple example : Spiritual Goal
    ie. I. Main Goal of Reading the entire Bible in one Year.
    A. Month of June goal Read Book of John.
    1. daily goal read 10 verses a day (check off each days when done)

    I now use my Treo for everything, but still have not found anything to replace my paper Goal planing system. (Leadership managements- My Tyme Personal Management System is the paper System have been using) It very much like Coveys Seven habits.

    Does anyone have any Ideas on what is out there that could do this and be simple and intuative?
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    I wason a search for this on the Windows side and ended up with ListPro. You have to do the set-up yourself but it is pretty good. There are some nagging things (like on the WM side some screens respond only to the stylus and not to keystrokes) but . . .

    Give it a shot. The PalmOS version looked better when I tried it on my wife's 650.

    Man oh man I wish I still had a 650.

    I wonder if we will look back on the history of Palm and point to the 650 as the high water mark of the company? But I digress.
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    Agendus. You can use the quotes of the day with your own quotes, Memos for your personal vision, etc. The upcoming v12 has a nice project management feature you could use for your larger goals, then associate tasks to these. Best of all it integrates with the built-in PIM DBs so you can easily sync you stuff with the desktop.
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    I use a software called PlanPlus for goal tracking and planning software. It works pretty well with Outlook so you sync your info. But if you are not interested in syncing, I am sure you could get just the .prc's and it work fine. My computer wasn't working and I still used the Goal and Daily Planning features. It even has a Projects program so you can time line projects. For example I wanted to memorize some things so I time lined it out on how long it would take.
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    Make sure you check out Bonsai at
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    Why not try using progect - it's freeware and very good.
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    life balance by llamagraphics is another option-especially if you wish to sync with a mac as bonsai desktop is PC only.
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    Thanks, I have tried Life Balance and List Pro over the summer, I like it the best. Does anyone have any other Goal Planning software Ideas for me to Try?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827 View Post
    Thanks, I have tried Life Balance and List Pro over the summer, I like it the best.
    "it" is Life Balance or List Pro?

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    "It" should read "them". I tried Life balaced and liked it alot, but was to expenseive to buy. I liked how you could break things down to the areas of life, etc setting goals & the like . I loved the simplicity of Listpro and making list and general outlinner application. Both were good, still not the perfect goal planning software I have imaged I was looking for is the bottom line.

    I used a LMI / MyTyme Paper Goal Planning dayfinder in my past life that was perfect IMO (it was very Covey like) What I want is to replicate that on my TReo, I can do some of it but still limited.

    I will keep looking for that perfect PIM/Goal Planning Program. The Keep is for it to be powerful yet simple and intuative. Some of the more powerful PIM programs are not simple and intuative enough IMO.

    I am using 2Day and love that progam, that is a great program but not deep enough for me.

    THanks for the help

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