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    I know some of us noticed that the screen would dim when streaming. I downloaded Resco Neeews to trial and I noticed this dimming while it updated the feeds. Anyone have this program and see this? If I clicked on the applications button the screen got bright again. It was almost like it dimmed the screen so it had more power to pull the feeds into Neeews.
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    Yes, it does that. Most likely they have allowed this to save battery. If you are not doing anything, it dims the screen as opposed to turning the screen off. If the screen was turned off, you may press a button that cancels the download. Dimming allows you to see that something is going on and allows you to continue withour accidently cancelling the activity.
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    Thanks Godschoice! I wasn't sure if I should ditch Neews or not. I will give it a fair trial then. It actually makes sense that it does this.

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