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    I'm sure this is out there SOMEWHERE...

    With my treo 700p I can send a SMS to a group pf up to 10 people. however, I have to select each time again the people.

    I want to send the same 10 people a text message at teh same time without having to choose them each one by one each time...

    How can I simply select once a group of 10, or even better, 30 contacts, and have them stored as a "grouplist" for text messaging?

    many phones have this feature built in; I have trouble believing that for the treo this should be such a headache.

    (I am currently using a workaround with and SMS>email>SMS to group, but this is really getting out of hand...)

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    Have u got favourites on 700p?

    On the 680 you can make a favourite/speeddial within the phone app with the type set as message and then you can select I think its upto 10 names. When you launch that favourite the messaging app starts with that group of numbers prefilled in the receipent field.
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    Download the program "group text messaging", free from palm. That did the trick for me.
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    Use can use the favorites area in the phone app:

    1. Select an empty slot
    2. Choose "Messaging"
    3. Keep selecting "Lookup" to search for each name and add the mobile number (The name will always be the name of the last person added)
    4. Name the Group
    5. Give it a quick key letter assignment ( "u" for us)

    Now when you want to sent the group a message, open the phone app and press and hold the "u" key to launch the Messaging app with all the recipients pre-selected.
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    Group textmessaging from palm works great!
    Only it doesn't save a record of your message.

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