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    After some experimentation I've figured out which ROM files control the volume escalation on alerts, which is causing short alert sounds to play very softly. Copying these files from the original 1.08 ROM has restored my alerts to their original volume. I'm attaching the files you need. I don't know if they will hotsync. I copied to SD and moved into RAM with Filez. It needs a soft reset to take effect.

    Note: This doesn't fix the touch tone sound that plays through the earpiece before the alert, but the alert does play at full volume. Annoying, but livable for now.
    DUDE, thank you so much for figuring this out! It drove my crazy on my 680 and then I got a 755p and that did it too. This fixed it on both.
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    Hi folks,

    Trying to follow all the details of this thread but still have some questions.

    I have a 700p and just yesterday did the ROM update with the latest file from the Palm site (I'd been putting this off, but since I had to do a hard reset yesterday I just went for it). I'm now at Treo700p_-1.10-VZW according to the Phone Info screen.

    I appear to have the following symptoms and I'm wondering which fixes in this thread I can use to fix this on a 700p:

    1. Alert (task with an alarm) gives me the "chimes" as normal when the volume switch is enabled. So that's fine, as it was before.

    2. Text message alert now fades in (annoying).

    3. I have the "DTMF bug" -- when I dismiss an alert it seems to happen, and sometimes it happens when the alert is popping up. And I hear this sound even when the phone is on silent (is it coming from the earpiece speaker rather than the speaker on the back)?

    Any hope for me? Which, if any, of the fixes in this thread solve any combination of these problems for a Verizon 700p?

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