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    Will someone please recommend a holster case for the 650.

    I've been going through the Treo Central Store, and nothing really gets a nod of approval by the majority of reviewers.

    I want a holster case that will last ... that's all I ask. The ratcheting clip is a nice bonus.

    (Unlocked) Treo 650 - T-Mobile
    2GB SD
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    I have the Seidio "SPRING CLIP SWIVEL HOLSTER FOR UN-SKINNED TREO 700/650" and it was great. I stopped using it when I got the rubberized hard case thing, but I never had any problems with it coming out. If you took it out wrong, it would tap the SD card, but it never flew out of the Treo.

    Now, it's just sitting behind my desk. The cat bumped it off and I haven't gotten around to picking it up.
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    There are bunches! I settled upon the Palm Branded horizontal leather case with a Palm branded skin.

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    I love my Nutshell. (No ratcheting clip, though.)
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    Well, I decided to give the Seidio skinned holster and skin a try. I also purchased the Boxwave Holster for days when I wanna go without the skin.
    (Unlocked) Treo 650 - T-Mobile
    2GB SD

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