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    I have taken a few videos using the "camcorder" on my 680.
    I noticed that when I go to play them back, the video will kind of hang up, or freeze, then go ahead and play. Sometimes it won't play at all.
    I have deleted old videos, and tried taking new ones, but most of the time it has a hard time playing them back.

    Does anyone know what might cause this? & what I can do to fix it?

    Being able to have little video clips is something I want to have, but right now, it seems pretty worthless, if I can't even watch them later.
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    are you recording to the sd card, or the internal memory? I would try to record & playback from the internal memory, to rule out a bad sd card
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    Internal memory is wicked faster for both taking videos and photos, plus playback.

    Unfortunatly until SD cards get faster (haven't tried a Class 6 SHDC yet) I will be taking photos and videos to my internal memory and dumping them onto my Mac.
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    Thanks, I WAS recording them straight to the card. I will try it out on Palm memory, and see if that helps.

    Pictures work just fine on the card, so no issues there.

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