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    What DAs are compatable and useful on a Treo 680?

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    Quote Originally Posted by braj View Post
    What DAs are compatable and useful on a Treo 680?

    Surely nearly all of them work ?

    I use NetConnect DA.

    And then I also use AlwaysON DA & Applications DA, but then I produced them myself using Accessorizer
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    I was going to reply yesterday but I pulled out the Treo from my case and realized that I hadn't charged it the night before.. ahem.

    If you can't find any of these let me know..

    Here's the ones I use.


    MemoPad - Quick memo work, edit, view, etc. Use this constantly.
    Reset Netlib - Reset network library
    Hex - Number conversions
    DBCache - If you need to clear dbcache, handy access to the DBCache tool


    Raku - Enter a quick calendar/todo/memo. Don't use this one too much really. Probably should, faster than launching Agendus.
    Misosiru - Quick calendar lookup, plus quick view of the calendar (ie: What day is Friday, that sort). Another one I don't use too much.
    Call Lookup - Quick call lookup. Don't think it can dial, however.
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    I'm on the hunt for some nice DA's myself.

    Here is a good list to start (google translated):
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    Currently using (besides the ones I made myself with Accessorizer):

    RakuDA: (Thanks khaytsus! I love this DA.)

    * Adds To Do, Calendar Event, or Memo in any app.


    * Converter for commonly used measurements.

    DAs sure make the Palm OS even more usable!
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    I've been fooling around with's pretty useful: you can create a DA version of any app on your Palm device. My most useful of these are GoogleMapsDA, ContactsDA, Dir AssistDA, CalcDA and MemosDA.

    is very useful for grouping all of your DAs in one place.
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    ok, Accessorizer is really cool, but how do you jump back to the last app?
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    Press Home button
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    Quote Originally Posted by chenling View Post
    Press Home button
    Yeah, thanks. I figured that out right after I posted
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    If anyone find a DA that lets you pop up a window where you can enter either a google search term or a web address let me know!!!

    Also, I found this "ReplaceDA" that works like a replace/find thing in MS Word, but it doesn't work for me. Seems pretty nifty. Does it work for you guys?

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    I wish there is a free solution to this but, this is what i'm considering.

    There is this app "Googhelper" by Iambic that is basically a simple app with a text area to search google, wiki, few other stuff too.

    So, I can just use Accessorizer to create a DA of Googhelper, and then I can pop up a google search, wiki search, ebook search, map search, etc... in any app.

    It's pretty useful, but I'm still deciding if I should pay for it.
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    Popup search? Use Wassdat. Great app and you can edit the list of search engines on the Treo itself.
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    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for!

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