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    I just noticed that my side volume control isn't working after I did the update. I didn't notice until I was on a call and couldn't turn the volume up and couldn't change my ringer settings from the side buttons either. I did a soft reset and it worked..for a good .25 seconds! It disappeared when I tried it later on the day!

    My Update "seemed" to have went smoothly - besides the side volume control not working. It's really annoying since I rely on it a lot.
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    No problems here, you may need to take it to Sprint to have this check.

    If you decide to take it back to a Sprint store, do a Hard Reset before so they can not dismiss the problem on 3rd party software as they usually do.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    I'm seeing this too -- it's driving me nuts. Anyone found a resolution yet?
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    Had the same problem, took the battery out and put it back in, and now it works, but it does seem the volume is still to low..
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    All of the sudden, the recent apps screen will cease to pop up. At this time, I also notice that I the dimmer function does not work. The only way to regain functionality is to soft reset.

    Has anyone else seen this?
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    The side buttons will not work, unless the screen is lit up fully. They will not work if the screen is just dim from being in a phone call. they also will not work in a call, if you were running ptunes and then answer the call. With it set to run ptunes in the background. The screen blacking issue is almost always related to weak, or no signal. It will slowly come back once good signal is regained. It does seem to take forever, though. Hope this helps.

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