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    jeez - i read about all those apps and had to pick up my 755 and shake it...

    it feels empty.

    i write short stories as a hobby, while i'm working (machine shop with a machine that has one hour cycle times) - so for me Documents To Go is a must. in fact, my phone is now five years ahead of my pc (microsoft office). i also run production spreadsheets on my phone.

    when i'm bored, i switch to My Little Tank and blow stuff up.

    i have Keyring to hide information (don't know just how secure it it is, but it fools me well enough).

    i use kinoma for all of my streaming. i'm a talk radio nut, so it's nice to listen to my home channels anythere there is data available on the planet. every once in a while i end up totally bored and will stream utube and google videos.

    i have Hal 9000 installed cause it's just plain funny to hear my phone imitate 2001's Hal computer with random messages.

    i have On Demand to keep me up to date with news, sports, tv guide, and financials...

    i've thrown in a garden variety of third party games, and then threw them back out... tried a variety of third party apps, and threw them back out. i think i was just facinated by the fact that i could do it (download)...

    so that's my list.

    no wait, i've also got family locator, a sprint service, to keep my family safe in case one of them turns up missing. it doesn't hurt to be able to pop up a map to find out where my daughter or my sweetheart is if they do the run out of gas thing (since historically, all they seem to know about where they are at any given time, is pretty much - not at home, but still on planet earth). and if, god forbid, one of them comes up missing - i can find them faster on my phone than the cops can...
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    Does everyone use Blazer or is there a different app you use for web browsing?
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    Blazer with bookmarked mobile site is sufficient for me. I use Opera Mini 4 if I need to view a full site. For example, facebook mobile is okay but the pics are way too small to see anything.
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    TAKEphONE by - far better replacement for contacts and the phone app. Lets you search on many fields (not just two like the built in contacts). Also, looks very slick and because it has an icon bar, it can also be your launcher. Very smart product, very extensive. Handles the phone way better. Lets you do smart things like look in your call history, and press a button to dial one of the other numbers for that contact. Integrates with DateBK6. if takephone wasn't around or I just wanted a better way to lookup contacts (makes up for common short comings of built in contact app). Also, lets you DTMF the phone number out the speaker for when you want to use a land line. Also integrates with DateBK6 - the built in datebook app is very limited. This adds about 1000 features. 20 of them you will realized you always wanted within 5 minutes of using it. Starts out looking and working like the built in but very powerful. Rivals functionality of a full blown contact manager app like Act/maximizer if you want to use it that way. This is an award winning product and very well done. The developer is tireless.

    Archicalc. (search handango) I'm a carpenter. I need to work in feet and inches, yards, meters, decimal feed, decimal inches, fractional inches. Using archicalc is as easy as thinking about what you want to do. Handles it all like a breeze. This program is the main reason I have a palm.

    2Dial - your front end to those voice mail systems IVS systems. Knows when you dialed that number and brings up keypad with easy to remember things like, rewind, info, play, faster, forward etc. Make your own profiles (100's if you like). Also by

    ewallet (illiumsoft) - the best sensitive info database I have found. Works well, has a windows app as well, handles all my info so well (credit cards, bank info, key codes, passwords, almost any kind of info you want to keep handy and encrypted. Like it a lot better than splashid or dataviz's product.

    Splash photo - great product.

    Documents to go. I'm in business, how can I not have this.

    Filez - killer access to files period.

    Yauc (for when you just got to convert a unit)
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    well, changed up a little bit.

    i now have

    the neatfreak ultimate pack
    * uninstaller
    * cleanup
    * on guard
    * ng undo
    documents to go
    nexus super english dictionary
    resco explorer
    nvbackup (which incidently works very well for me)
    warfare inc. - cause i still appreciate a good war
    my little tank - for the same reason

    and all the standard treo755p progs...

    i do a lot of streaming so i don't use pocket tunes much anymore.

    google maps tends not to work when i need it - although it's a fine toy when i'm sitting at home. when i'm on the road, it has a bad habit of telling me i need to have a data plan - i then hop on the net and google that way, so i don't use that app much anymore. it also has a tendency to ask me if i want to upgrade and after confirming i do - will tell me the download failed...

    never have time to do the discovery walk through sprint tv, so i don't use that app much anymore.

    i like to give myself daily panic attacks, so i still use on demand to track my 401k and pull down the latest news.

    anyone recommend a good map app?
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    Is there a program like auto-completion that I can use in text messaging? It will offer you words while you type?
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    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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