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    I have a boot loop situation and I've tried soft, warm and hard resets and nothing works. Any other ideas? It just goes to the Access Powered screen and flashes that over and over again. Thanks.
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    I just had a similar situation. I downloaded the palm patch and started having problems. The first problem was the phone feature was off and everytime I tried to turn phone on it would reboot and phone was still off. I did a hard reset and when it came back it would give the the alignment screen. It would just reboot back to the alignment screen. I took it into
    Sprint and they told me the mother board was fried. Sounds like you have the same problem
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    It is not your motherboard it is your radio.... The update has fried the CDMA radio on the board not the board itself. How do I know this? Cuz I just bricked my first one! I've done 20 total updates, with 1 endless reset loop, and one with the blurry screen effect. I swapped the motherboard on the one with the reset loop and as soon as the radio was powered on the loop began again. I warm booted and back dated the PRL thinking that might fix it, but to no avail. I had to swap it out.....boooooo I hate not fixing things. No hardware dif. thats I could find visually. So i'm guessing this must be happening to the batch that had this Qualcomm radio...... I am baffled, fuggin Palm

    Did this happen after you tried to update? If not, it sound more like your keyboard may be out preventing any response from the system, it doesn't know your tryimg to reset. If it just started looping all the sudden, I would have to see it to give you better answer.

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    I actually didn't do anything. It just started happening and I never get past the Access Powered Screen, even when I do a hard reset. I can get it to ask if I want to erase, but then it goes into the loop. I'm about to do a different kind of reset that involves a sidewalk and my foot.
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    I wouldn't recommend that kinda of reset(in the industry its known as a "bench test") unless you have insurance(th kind that covers those types of instances). If you have ESRP, you should be covered as long as you didn't get it wet. I'm not even sure your on Sprint, are you? I don't really know much about VZ policies(work for Sprint). I hear nothing but horror stories on these board, but promise you that all stores are not equal, I like to take care of my customers and I am not alone. Some follow my lead others.....not so much. You can't do the work of two men, but if you can inspire one and get him to do the same, it can only lead to success.


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