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    I'm upgrading from an old Samsung I300 to the Treo 755. I installed the Palm desktop software following the manual. My Palm desktop has a username and when I check the 755 (phone>menu>phone info) the username is blank. Do I need to add the username from my Palm desktop to the 755 for sync'ing? If so, how do you input/change the username on the 755?
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    My guess is that zeagen is referring to a Hotsync ID, which would be the only "username" I can think of that appears with the Palm Desktop. If you are referring to a Hotsync ID then the location you checked in the Phone app is not correct. You want to open Hotsync from the Applications screen. On the main screen there is a name in the top right. That name should match the name associated with the Palm Dekstop Hotsync. If there is absolutely nothing in the top right of your Hotsync screen on the Treo, then on your first sync, your desktop Hotsync will ask which user you want to assign to the 755. You can pick the one from your desktop that you want... if there's only one than it's an easy choice. I hope that helps.
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    Google for MultiUserHack. This app will allow you to create your Hotsync name. I used it for my 755p HS name too, since I have yet to sync with a PC. Without the HS name, my apps' reg codes would not work.
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    Just hotsync. If it's the first time you're hotsyncing the Treo a window will come up asking you what name you want to use in a drop down menu, or you can create one then.
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    Talkin73..... I was referencing the user ID in the top right of the Palm Desktop. Didn't know if I needed that ID in the 755. I've had my i300 for a long time and this is my first palm device change, so I'm a little nervous about losing my data. Appreciate any help.....

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