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    BTW, I tried the YouTube movie you were having problems with, and I couldn't get it to work smoothly for me either. (I'm on Sprint too, and I know my 700p is working fine.) Unfortunately that movie is optimized for PC viewing, and so is on the very edge of what's possible on today's mobile networks.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
    i tried streaming ANY youtube stream on my blue 755. it took whatever i threw at it and streamed it beautifully.
    streaming on my burgundy 755: everything but beautiful. plays and stops every second. even when i hit pause it continues to play and stop, preventing that forward cache/buffer. sigh. taking it back to the store sounds easy but i just DO NOT HAVE TIME.
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    Good Morning,

    Kinoma - thank you for monitoring forums and responding - says a lot about a company willing to invest time/energy into improving it's product.

    Can you help with recommendations for setting CloneDVDMobile, to use with Kinoma Player 4.2? I have upgraded both CorePlayer and Kinoma, but have not been using Kinoma, because the file created by CloneDVDMobile does not appear to be recognized by Kinoma (yet CorePlayer will play). CloneDVDMobile has a number of various settings and also lets you set variables directly, by creating a custom "profile." I prefer clooneDVDMobile over Kinoma Producer, because it's much easier to convert, I don't have to figure out which VOBs, etc. to select and it works well with my video Ipod. Hope you can help me utilize Kinoma player - Thank you, Kevin.
    Using my Pre to help run:

    Sharp Zaurus->HP Jornada->Sony Clie T615->Treo 650 (CDMA)->Treo 755p->Palm Pre (Disappointed) -> Iphone4 (Happy)
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