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    Has anyone else had issues with Kinoma 4.x saying that your software needs to be activated only to find that the "unique" Device ID that it says your device has, is different than what is was when it was originally installed, therefore it will not activate?

    This is the 2nd time this has happened to me on the the SAME Treo 700p device, therefore 3 DIFFERENT unique ID's . Of course Kinoma is complaining that I am changing devices, but I can verify with Sprint that I have not changed hardware.

    Chain of events:

    1) Buy Kinoma 4 and install, activates all is well (unique ID #1)

    2) After a couple months of off and on usage one day I notice it will not launch, needs to be reactivated. Try the OTA activation me my unique ID ( Unique ID #2) and I email Kinoma. They say "This is not the original Device ID you used to activate this software" and point me to an End User agreement about changing devices. I argue, I have not changed devices. Finally they reset the ID and allow me to activate.

    3) Recently about 4 months later I realize I cannot launch Kinoma yet AGAIN! ARRR! I try to do the OTA activation and badda-bing ANOTHER "unique" ID. (unique ID #3)

    I have no idea what is causing this. I had been soft resetting my Treo about once a week (bluetooth issues, call indicator stuck, message indicators not showing I had messages or not clearing) but that is about it.

    Does anyone know what their unique ID is looking at which might shed some light on why it keeps changing? I am at a loss. Only hacks I have are tether and screen overlay for Call log and EV/1x indication. Other than that just the normal Apps (Dialbyphoto, zlauncher, butler, TCPMP, mring, mvoice, google causerie......)

    Any other user experience is welcome

    BTW - I posted in hardware cause I thought it might be hardware related with the 700p. I searched but found nothing on relating to unstable Device IDs.

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    I had that happen when my treo crashed and I lost the HSSN (Handspring Serial Number...Check you software version. I'll bet it says "-1108/1108-" or something like that.

    Do a search here for the thread with "missing HSSN" in the title.

    If you then were able to apply the MR that would explain the second change. You can also check your HSSN if you have Volume care. There is a screen somewhere in the settings that lists the HSSN.

    I think it sucks that Kinoma only allows 1 change of device per 6 mos. If my Treo goes bad or is lost more than once in 6 mos I have to repurchase a program that doesn't even offer a free trial. I refuse to pay twice for the same software no matter how cool it is and Kinoma is the only program that does this...BOO HISS!!!
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    Hmmm.. funny you say that about the HSSN (i didn't know what that was) but before I updated the with the MR I looked at my phone's version number and it was that wierd -1108/108 number. I posted my MR update experience here.

    Now after the update of course it says Treo 700p-1.10 SPNT.

    That doesn't seem to be a very good copy protection method it there if a legitimate chance that a phone can lose it's HSSN
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    It's a hardware problem and doesn't really affect copy protection because it's not something you can make happen when you want it to. It happens on it's own and the only solution is a device replacement.

    It seems some said it's a bad "EPROM", which is more of a Quality control issue that a copy protection problem. Perhaps if you explain this to Kinoma and reference the thread here entitled "missing HSSN " and this one they may authorize another code for you, then again they may not. I intend to contact them about this. Others here have reported their CS tries to be responsive to customer requests and problems.

    Keep us posted as to your results.
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    Thankfully Kinoma support was on top of it. They reset my license so I can re-auth my Treo. This is somewhat unnerving as I never know when this may pop up. Maybe the MR will make it all better. (wishful thinking)


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