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    Hi All,

    After moving from Nextel Blackberry 7520 2 years ago and having to give up my T-Mobile 600, My boss decided to move to Verizon. When he asked what phone I wanted, I knew I wanted another Treo. After reading through numerous discussions, I was a bit hesitant with all the problems, but I figured...HEY, I have 30 days to return it, and there is an update hopefull coming soon, so I dove in.

    My question is this, how long after buying your Treos have those with problems began experiencing them? so far it's 3 days, and I've experienced slight lag, slight enough where I really don't mind, Thank GOD no resets, crashes, or freezes...knock wood.

    Thanks all.
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    The majority of people are relatively happy with there 700's. It does seem that a minority have some problems, either hardware differences or software conflicts. I am happy with my vzw 700 and only get an occassional lag in sms, random disconnects with bluetooth, and a little skipping in pockettunes (but not the majority of the time). I rarely get resets and only a second or less of lag, in switching apps or going to Blazer. (I think I've covered most of the issues people have had) I can live with what I have and am not even sure I will do an update when vzw puts one out.

    So, you likely are in the majority of people who have a few bugs but nothing major. If you can accept that, have fun with your Treo.

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