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    It looks like I will be getting a 755p this week. Hopefully it will work better than my 700p has!

    Anyway, in preparation, what's the best way to transition data (in my case, Docs to Go and Splash Photo) from the SD to the MiniSD? Will the install of the new version of Palm Desktop that comes with the 755p keep the installs of SplashPhoto and Docs to Go plugged in so it is as easy as just moving all the documents and photos to the new card?

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    I haven't read the thread above, but it is simple. The miniSD comes with the SD sled, so it copy everything from my SD card to the PC and then from the PC to the miniSD. Easy as pie. Resco and other apps, like Linkstart remembers the card name; so when you first run those apps you have to select th new card or recreate the shortcuts for Linkstart.
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    Well, I was talking more about apps like Docs to Go and Splash Photo that work through the Desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf View Post
    Well, I was talking more about apps like Docs to Go and Splash Photo that work through the Desktop.
    I use a Mac and Missing Sync so I can't comment on Palm Desktop syncing now... but I did use that for years previously. The procedure for copying SD card to computer desktop, then from desktop to the new miniSD worked fine for me. Regarding DocsToGo, the only problem I've run into in the past (and I don't sync files with it anymore, just use it as a doc reader) is the following: When you open DTG on the desktop, in the section where it shows the content of what you are syncing with the card, there is a drop down box that shows the currently selected card. I would consider changing that to "Next Available Card" before your first sync with the 755 and miniSD in place. I've had goofy outcomes (duplicate folders and files) if I forgot to do this because I believe even though I don't change the name of my card when switching handhelds, it puts a file on the card (I think, don't quote me) that identifies that specific card. If it can't find that card when syncing and you have identified that card specifically, it will not work seemlessly. That's been my experience, anyway.

    Splashphoto also names each card that it syncs with so you might consider directing it to overwrite the card on your first sync to avoid any initial confusion... rather than the "synchronize" option which could result in duplicates depending on how it reads the new card.

    Again, I've had varying experiences changing handhelds. I can tell you that my change from the 700p to 755p involved simply transferring my SD card into to my Mac, from Mac to the miniSD directly. I did a backup with BackupMan before changing cards so when I put the miniSD in and launched BackupMan on the fresh 755p it offered to restore most recent backup, did the restore then reset. Not a single problem or reset in the past 3 weeks since this process. I would generally delete the Saved Prefs on a new handheld and reinstall the codes, etc. But, I didn't do that with my 650>700 migration so I thought I'd try not doing it with the 700>755 migration as well and have been quite pleased.

    Hope that helps.
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    Did the links for Docs to Go and Splashphoto stay on the Palm Desktop after the software was upgraded for the 755?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf View Post

    Did the links for Docs to Go and Splashphoto stay on the Palm Desktop after the software was upgraded for the 755?
    Mike, I'm not sure what you mean by "links" in the Palm Desktop. Can you tell me more about what you mean? If you are referring to the conduits (ie; if you open Hotsync and see the list of conduits... Contacts, Calendar, etc) then yes, the DTG and SplashPhoto conduits should remain untouched. Be careful if you install all the 755p software. If it has an older version of DTG than you already have, you might be downgrading by accident. Just remember to select to install the basic Palm Desktop software and not all the additional software.

    Also, if your question is about something appearing in the Palm Desktop itself, note from my previous post I'm only using Missing Sync with my Mac. I haven't used Palm Desktop for a few years now. I gave the above recs based on my memory of doing this process for many years, though not recently. I hope it helps.

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