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    Anyone else having problems with poor signal? I get about 2-3 bars where a 755p gets almost no signal have to move to speak (I have the PPC6700) both on sprint. No problem whatsoever on the 6700 - have to move to another office with the 755p.
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    My 755 gets better signal than my 650, or my Q did.
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    I've noticed worse reception lately, but that holds true for my 700p and it's different from your scenario although my Nextel (with Sprint voice) is getting good reception. Weird?
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    My 755p has had noticeably better reception than my 650 did. It cuts out less and I can keep an active data session more easily.
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    My reception is great with my 755- Take yours to the store and have it checked out
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    Nope.. Works great. Ask for a PRL update that may help.
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    I think I tell my wife everyday how much I love this phone. Haven't dropped a call and I can hear it great in the loud MG with the top down.
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    My 755 drops fewer calls than my 650. But the 650 would drop a call with 2 bars sometimes. So the single strength meter is not a good way to compare. Actual use the 755 is very good and clearly better than the 650. My wife has a ppc 6700. The 755 and the ppc 6700 do about the same in my experance. I had 5 650's thanks to insurance and warranty coverage and I can tell you a few hard drops can reduce the phones ability to get a good signal.

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