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    I am a Verizon user, so I've been able to sit by and observe the Maintenance Release (MR) Sprint issue. I created a few polls to see what user's experiences have been.
    Here are the conclusions (as I see it) so far.
    Aside from all the other warts, the Treo's biggest problems (as I could tell from my own experience as well as reading the forums) were:
    • Crashing or spontaneous rebooting. I had this issue and, to a large extent, have it under control.
    • Lagging (not due to network searching). I never had this issue, except when it is searching for a network.
    • BlueTooth (BT) disconnections or other issues (headset answers phone but voice doesn't communicate). I didn't have this issue, lost my headset, I purchased a similar Motorola H3 (same manufacturer and model, but the unit is a little different) and now I have the issue .

    Yes, there are other issues, but I think it is safe to say that these are the three most common issues.
    And now, the poll results...
    • Crashing
      Before the MR, around 75% of respondents had crashes within the last week, many within a day or two of their poll response. So crashing was a major issue. That poll had 92 responses. I think there was such a significant poll response for recent crashing to conclude that this is a major issue shared by many users.
      With 20 responses to the Post-MR Crash poll, the results indicate a split. Some showed improvement, others didn't. I don't know if there are enough responses to indicate a trend, one way or the other, but clearly there is no strong response to either choice, so I think it's safe to say that the crashing issue hasn't been completely resolved.
    • Lagging
      I didn't conduct a pre-MR 'lagging' poll, since it isn't a problem that my Treo has, but from the forums, I assume that many here have had lagging issues. The Post-MR Lagging poll indicates that (with 33 votes in) the results are, similarly, split between the lag issue being cured and those still having problems.
    • BT Issues
      I didn't conduct a pre-MR poll, but also assumed that a wide group had this problem. As with the other issues, the Post-MR BT poll shows a split down the middle (24 responses) between those that still have the BT problems and those that don't.

    So, aside from the fact that a number of people had problems installing the MR or had their Treo's 'bricked' by it, the MR had been a success roughly half the time. That isn't great, but for half the people out there, it might be considered a success.
    Another poll "Did the update resolve your Treo's problems" (this was a general poll, not specific like the three other specific polls) indicates a similar finding that about half the people benefited by the MR. That survey showed that 130 respondents that updated, far higher than the 20-30 that have responded to the problem specific post-MR polls.

    There is nothing earth shattering about these results and I am not trying to prove a point one way or the other. Rather I want to share with the community, in one thread, the answer to the question that many of us are having, that is, "is the update from Palm going to fix the problems that my Treo has?" The answer is..."maybe, but the odds are 50/50 that it will work for you"
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    Because I'm very happy with my 700P I passed on the update. However, these results support my contention from many months ago....there are hardware differences among 700Ps. Some have worked out of the box perfectly with more than 50 apps installed (like mine), some have crashed without third party apps, some responded to the updated ROM and some got worse. There is no other explanation. If I had a flawed device, I would put some effort into trying to catalog hardware differences. I have no idea if this info is available, but date of manufacture, location of manufacture, chipsets, or some other hardware differences are the only possible explanation for what we are seeing.
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    I agree entirely with your conclusion, I have seen this for the past year and can not find a more suitable theory to explain the wide differences in behavior in what is essentially the same smartphone.

    I suspect this also accounts for the differences post-MR experience, some phones responding well, others becoming a "brick" with the same ROM application.
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    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Thanks for the summary.

    I could believe different, but equivalent, components in major hardware revs (e.g. Phone Info->Hardware), but not among different phones with the same rev (most 700p are Rev A I believe).

    That said, there can be slight variation between manufacturing lots of the exact same component. Although they are tested by the manufacturer before it goes to Palm for Treo build, they can have variation and still "meet spec". That might account for the differences as well.

    Finally, there's software. From what I've read, most/all of the bricks came from the HotSync MR install - the SD method was more realiable. Not sure why. There's alot of anecdotal evidence that using VersaMail contributes to the lags/general slowdown. Doesn't really make sense, but the evidence is there. Finally, we've all probably seen diff 3rd party apps interfering with each other or causing spontaneous resets. That's why Apple is reluctant to allow 3rd party apps on the Iphone (I'd still rather have the option).

    I've mostly gotten used to the lag (still don't like them) and don't have the BT "no audio connecting" problem often, so I'm passing on the MR for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomvb2000 View Post
    I've mostly gotten used to the lag (still don't like them) and don't have the BT "no audio connecting" problem often, so I'm passing on the MR for now.
    This is very wise on your part.

    Overall my Treo is better, san a few anoying after-effects of the MR, the overall functionality, mostly on the BT area made the update worthwhile for me.

    I believe poor QC during manufacturing - hardware, software or both - may account for the differences in Treos pre and post-MR. If you are generally happy with your phone, seating this MR for now is a very smart strategy.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Blazer is much quicker without those 5-10 second whiteout lags and general freezes.Im much happier with the phone now.
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    Not to sound like a doubting Thomas, OK, I am.

    The conclusion reached is a 50/50 chance that a ROM update may or may not help a 700p user?

    This poll was conducted by a Verizon 700p user that never got the ROM update. And was polling a few Sprint 700p users that dowloaded the carrier specific ROM update, and even fewer still, that actually installed it, due to being brave or something like that.

    Before the carrier specific update was yanked due to possible install issues and or post install after affects.

    Have I got all that correct? Does anyone else think the 50/50 conclusion/result reached is a lot inaccurate and little unfair?

    I would believe the conclusion if both Sprint and Verizon 700p users got this short lived ROM update before it was yanked.

    I could really believe the 50/50 conclusion if every Sprint and Verizon 700p user had a chance to dowload and install it without the update being yanked.

    So individuals that are new the 700p, or individuals that are unsure about their abilities to install such a ROM update, are suppose to make an educated decision on whether or not to install such an update?

    All based on this short lived, carrier specific ROM update that was yanked, almost immediatly after it was released.

    Something just ain't right with this picture....

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    This wasn't a scientific survey, nor was it to prove a point, nor was it a critique.
    It was simply my attempt to let users know whether or not they could expect improvement with respect to three of the common and annoying weaknesses of the Treo. Instead, I re-proved the old adage...'no good deed goes unpunished'.
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    Well, I certainly appreciated your efforts and thought you had done a good job summarizing the experiences of others. I also thought you had put the appropriate "unscientific" caveats and made it clear you were trying to summarize for the benefit of others. Your post was the reason I subscribed to this thread. A good deed worthy of recognition given there were so many very active threads on the topic.

    The only other major thing I've see was the DMTF tone problem inherited from the 755 rom mentioned in this thread
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    treotraveler - It's only my gut feel, but I'd say 50/50 was about right based on my reading all the threads. I'm not sure why you imply having both Verizon and Sprint roms available would make a difference in the outcome - the estimate was 50/50 [of the people who downloaded]. The fact that haroldo was a Verizon user only adds to the objectivity.

    In fact, after reading your post a few more times, I'm not sure which side you are arguing. I'd say anyone who feels uncomfortable doing a rom update or honestly doesn't understand the concepts and terms involved shouldn't do it. As TreoNewt said, "if you are generally happy with your phone [skipping]this MR for now is a very smart strategy" - always good advice.

    I always updated my 600 and 650 within the first day or two and never had a problem, so it definitely feels strange to sit this one out. If some of the lag is truly gone with the MR, I'd like to have that. I just don't want the DTMF problem.
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    I was fairly satisfied with my Sprint 700p but could NOT leave "well enough" alone. She went TU after the update and there's a new one coming. I said in an earlier post that I hoped the new phone would not be a 755p because I'm so heavily invested in accessories for the 700, but...
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    All I can say is AWESOME!!!

    Installed MR (hard reset + SD card + app install one at a time with testing) before the weekend. Even setup versamail with 3 POP accounts. Sweeeeeeeeeeet as pie.
    -no more lag (very little going in and out of blazer)
    -hard to get ptunes to skip
    -BT pairing with laptop doesn't fail
    -BT PDAnet connection much more stable (flaky before)
    -sound quality better (don't need to set earpiece on high)

    All in all, very happy - only wish MR was released 6 months ago.

    Caveat: still have >45MB of ram - haven't installed games and two big databases: Avantgo & dictionary.
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    Must crashes in 5 days...apps switching is swift.....overall......very stable!!


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