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    Hello All,

    Well I reciently re-activated my unlocked, unbranded GSM 650. I am using a service provider that is different from the provider that I used last (a year or so ago I canceled my contract and am just now getting a new one). So, I went through the SIM activation and all that. The phone works great but displays "Roaming" when I am not roaming. I have checked every setting that I could think of with no luck (been a while since I used this thing and I am having to re-learn some). I am in fact on the correct network but still "Roaming", "Roaming", "Roaming".

    As a last ditch effort to resolve this (and for good measure) I updated to V 1.20-ENA. Firmware is 1.71. Hardware is A. The upgrade went well and all seems to be fine except for this little glitch. The phone has always been a good performer, I seem to have gotten a good one. No real issues to speak of.

    When the nice customer care provider activated my account she did not ask me my IMEI number. Would that have anything to do with it? Does there have to be some association there?

    I thought that I vaguely remembered reading about an issue like this when the unlocked 650 first came out. I did a search in the forum with no luck.

    Any light that you could shead on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hah - Found it

    I am in fact using Fido.

    So, anyone find a way around this little issue or have any additional info? It's more of an annoyance than anything.


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