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    In the ROM I can find mention about "slot cycle Index"

    In the ##DEBUG Screen I can see its set to 2

    I want it to set it to 0 so my phone never sleeps while it waits for incoming calls.

    Is this possible? Thanks
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    Looks like the setting is somewhere in nvram. Check out this post at shadowmites forum

    In my nvram backup there are 21 times"2" is found and about half of them are not contained in another sequence.
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    I don't think the NV Backup is a "Complete" backup of the NVRAM. ie: ESN is not changed if you flash someone's NV Backup.

    Too bad I don't know why I can't enable Bitpim ... anyway I will try again when I have time.

    I have reply to the thread there, but the shadowmite fourm seem so dead. I think after Palm told shadowmite to remove the Palm files it wasn't to "hardcore" anymore.??

    I hope through ROM hacking we can update the 700p to run the next Linux powered Palm Treos.
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    i did this years ago on my old 7135 using a 000000 type of thing on the phone and it stopped my issue of calls going straight to voice mail. but no w i dont remember how and am not sure if it even works the same on the treo
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    Winhex does show the "slot cycle index" I think in the Activations.prc. Its just disabled?? I will see how to edit it to enable the field someday.

    Also to do the PDP patch and roaming update PRL patch.. I still have long way to go.
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    I would love to change mine but I think that you need a serial cable to do it.

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